Party in the USA

You can celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Good Morning America" by gobbling down 40 blueberry muffins — or you can ingest 40 straight hours of self-congratulating coverage online with remembrances from past hosts, footage of live rehearsals for "Dancing With the Stars" and a special edition of "Shark Tank." Streaming begins at 4 p.m. on

Our man in Havana

Even with the recent thaw in relations between the U.S. and Cuba, it's unlikely you'd know the story of William Morgan unless "American Experience" had dedicated an hour to his strange, sad tale. "American Comandante," produced by Mark Samels, chronicles the rags-to-riches-to-rags adventures of an ambitious hothead who stumbled into Fidel Castro's revolution and momentarily achieved hero status before being brought down by political reality and his own hubris. 8 p.m. TPT, Ch. 2

On the road again

If Conan O'Brien can't be the late-night host with the highest ratings, then he's determined to be the dude with the most frequent-flier files. "Conan" once again is on the move, this time to Armenia, where he explores the family roots of his longtime assistant Sona Movsesian. 10 p.m. TBS

Neal Justin