Tomorrow people

Can "Legends of Tomorrow" fly without any crimefighters who are truly super? Based on the first two episodes, the mission seems highly unlikely. There's a reason these crusading time travelers were relegated to the 50-cent bin at the comic book store. Even this less than spectacular team should be able to defeat a singular villain whose most intimidating attribute appears to be a European accent. 7 p.m. WUCW, Ch. 23

Undercover of the night

Jim Broadbent and Charlotte Rampling may draw you to the miniseries "London Spy," but the real attraction in the premiere episode is the highly charged, perfectly patient courtship of an asocial genius (Edward Holcroft) by a lonely warehouse worker (Ben Whishaw). If the eventual mystery is half as enticing as their sweet, yet doomed, relationship, I may be in love. 9 p.m. BBC America

The Oregon trail

"Portlandia" returns with Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein introducing us to more blissfully clueless characters, including a couple who "attend" a music festival through the use of drones and a pretentious author who raves about a London production of "Equus" featuring a horses-only cast. 9 p.m. IFC

Neal Justin