Simply singular, just like Mike

Timberwolves veterans Kevin Garnett and Tayshaun Prince chatted with each other before Thursday’s TNT game — a 129-116 loss — against NBA leading scorer Stephen Curry and the undefeated Golden State Warriors at Target Center.

Two guys walk into an arena and KG says to Tayshaun …

“I was telling Tay today, like Michael Jordan was a whole other thing, this guy is his own thing,” Garnett said, referring to Curry’s season start after winning league MVP last season. “It’s beautiful for basketball, it’s beautiful for the sport and something we got to deal with tonight. … Remarkable. He’s playing MVP basketball, and it’s beautiful.”

Garnett falls for some puppy love

Garnett made this comparison Thursday when talking about a young team that has impressed him with how hard it plays, how hard it practices and how it is buying what he and Prince are selling about playing defense.

“It’s almost like putting a bunch of puppies in a box and shaking it up and watching puppies go at it a little bit,” he said. “But it’s fun. You like to see growth and you’re starting to see it. More importantly, you want to see what you do in practice carry over to games. So we just have to be consistent. That’s just what I’ve been telling our guys.”

Before you speed-dial PETA, it was a funny moment, said in good humor, comparing the energy of his team’s young players with playful puppies.

More praise for Steph

TNT analyst Kenny Smith agreeing with Garnett, but in his own way, on Steph Curry and his sizzling season start: “He’s Michael Jordan without the dunks. He’s the most lethal, unguardable player in the NBA right now.”