Favorite room: Home office

Created by: Rob Sotirin, Shorewood

The back story: A home office was created in a downstairs walkout of a small 1957 cabin on Lake Minnetonka's Shady Island that sits just 20 feet from the water. "I bought the house 35 years ago and over that time I've had a lot of fun making this room unique," Sotirin said.

Building character: The original house siding and deck were redwood. So when Sotirin added on to the house (three times now), he saved the siding and deck joists. He planed the pieces down and used lacquered redwood for the walls, window frames, doors, bookcases and the entire ceiling in the office.

Why it's Sotirin's favorite room: Since the pandemic began, he has spent a lot of time working at home and on Zoom calls. And the views of the lake have provided a calming backdrop. "This room isn't big, but it's very special, with a great lake vibe that feels very authentic to me," he said.

Room for play: The room is also a lot of fun and has custom touches. Sotirin made a desk out of a reclaimed Christcraft swim platform. The room has a secret door to the utility closet. There's a bookcase that opens to the "James Bond 007" theme song if you select a certain book. Sound bites from "Mission: Impossible" stating "This tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds," as well as from "Batman" also were built into the room.

"I worked as a controls engineer for 38 years, so I was able to automate all of that," Sotirin said. "I did all of the work on the room myself and had a lot of fun doing it."

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