westbrookOne of the most consistent gripes about the NBA — from hard-core fans and detractors alike — is that officials rarely seem to call one of the most fundamental violations on the greatest players on earth.

We’re talking here about traveling, of course. Players do seem to get an extra step (or two?) in a lot of cases.

But we now know that the NBA at least draws the line at taking SIX STEPS. That’s what Russell Westbrook tried to casually get away with in last night’s showdown between Oklahoma City (Kevin Durant’s old team, where he was Westbrook’s running mate) and Golden State (Durant’s new Superteam).

The Warriors won in a rout, by the way. But that’s not what everyone is going to remember. Let’s take a look at Westbrook and the most obvious traveling call in NBA history (and Steph Curry’s amusing reaction):


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