A football player for Minnesota State, Mankato won prizes including a trip to Paris on an episode of "The Price is Right" by using the jersey number of his stricken teammate, Isaac Kolstad, to guess the trip's price.

Jeffrey Raymond, a senior defensive lineman, said he was on spring break with friends from Minnesota State, Mankato when they tried to get tickets to the long-running game show on a whim. They waited in line for hours but eventually made it into the studio for a taping of the game show hosted by comedian Drew Carey.

"We really didn't expect anyone of us to get called up there," said Raymond, who played three seasons with Kolstad. "We were pretty surprised and excited when one of us did."

Raymond said in an interview that he played three seasons with Kolstad before Kolstad was severely injured one year ago in a fight in downtown Mankato. Kolstad's steady recovery from his injuries -- going from a coma to walking and talking -- has been documented on social media and by his wife, Molly. His recovery slogan of "#22strong" is based on his former jersey number when he played for the Minnesota State University Mavericks.

After his name was called on "The Price is Right," Raymond outguessed three other contestants on the price of a home theater system, then narrowly missed winning a large LED television and couch. He hadone more stroke of luck and landed in the show's final challenge, the Showcase Showdown, in which he had to guess the price of a package of prizes including trips to Paris and New York, a new kitchen and baking classes.

"I said 'I gotta go 22 strong,'" Raymond said Thursday, recounting what he said on the show. His bid of $22,000 was a few thousand dollars shy of the actual price, but it was a better bid than his opponent, and he won.

The episode aired Tuesday. Kolstad watched it while doing physical therapy, Raymond said.

Photo: Jeffrey Raymond appears on "The Price is Right." Source: The Price is Right