The Minneapolis School District aims to limit dealings with authorities seeking immigration statuses of students or families, according to a school board resolution passed Tuesday.

The resolution reinforced the district's stance as a welcoming place for students and families and "strengthens existing MPS policies and practices," a district release Tuesday said. It included the following points:

School district employees and and others in the district won't use district resources just to find or help seize people "whose only violation of law is or may be being an undocumented resident in the United States," according to the resolution. 

They won't ask about students' or parents' immigration status, nor will they mandate "any student or parent to produce documentation regarding immigration status," the resolution said. Unless forced to, district employees and others won't tell Immigration and Customs Enforcement about the immigration status of student or family. 

Any Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials will have to notify general counsel and the superintendent before coming into school district property.

"[Minneapolis Public Schools] will continue to ensure all students have equitable access to educational and extracurricular opportunities, including rigorous courses, engaging activities, high-quality athletics and supportive services, regardless of immigration status," the district said in its release.