At least three more county boards in rural Minnesota voted Tuesday to approve resolutions declaring themselves "Second Amendment Dedicated" counties, a move that signals the strength of pro-gun sentiments outside of the Twin Cities metro area.

Clearwater, Marshall and Wadena counties each approved the resolutions. The vote was 4-0 in Clearwater County, with Commissioner John Nelson absent. The vote was unanimous in Marshall County. And the vote in Wadena County was 4-1, with Commissioner Jim Hofer voting no.

Roseau County became Minnesota's first so-called "Second Amendment sanctuary" jurisdiction when county commissioners there voted unanimously on Feb. 11 to approve a resolution stating that they will not allow county funds to be used to restrict the constitutional rights of its citizens to keep and bear arms, and that they would sue, if necessary, to overturn any new laws that impinge upon the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

The term refers to states, counties or localities that have adopted laws or resolutions designed to impede enforcement of gun control measures that pro-gun activists deem contrary to the Second Amendment. Targets often include expanded gun background checks and "red flag" laws that have been introduced in Congress and the Legislature to enable judges to restrict gun possession for people with volatile mental health problems.