Do left-handers make more money than right-handers in Major League Baseball? How tall is the average player on my favorite team?


These are questions for which data is fairly quickly available, but acquiring the data also takes a fair amount of time and effort.

Rather than do all that work, the folks at Best Tickets have done it for you with their MLB Players Census.

Some of the key takeaways, at least from a local perspective:

*First basemen, on average, make the most money of players at any position -- just under $8 million. The story checks out on the Twins, who had Justin Morneau signed to a long-term deal at more than that per season, and now have the $23 million man over there now.

*Twins players are, on average, around 6-foot-2, which is right around the league average. The Rockies have the tallest roster at an average of a shade over 6-2 1/2, while the Brewers are the shortest at 6-0 1/2 (insert Aaron Rodgers joke here, if you want).

*Twins players are among the lightest in the league with an average weight of 204.5 pounds. Only the A's, Indians and Royals are that weight or less. The Pirates, on the other hand, check in at a hefty 218 pounds to lead MLB.

*The Twins are one of 10 teams in MLB with five or fewer non-U.S.-born players on their roster. The White Sox have the most, with 12.

Feel free to check out the full report at the link above.