Dozens of voices denouncing the recent Supreme Court decision to allow enforcement of the Trump administration's travel ban echoed inside the Minnesota State Capitol rotunda Tuesday evening.

"No ban, no wall, sanctuary for all," they yelled from the first floor.

The rally, organized by the Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), was a reminder to all that "Minnesotans will not stop challenging this policy," said executive director of CAIR-MN Jaylani Hussein.

The high court's recent decision to allow the administration to enforce a ban on travel to the United States by residents of seven mostly Muslim countries "confirms the fears of so many in the community," Hussein said.

"This country historically is made of immigrants," he added. "This threatens the fabric of who we are."

Monday's decision is not a final ruling on the travel ban. Challenges to the policy are expected in federal courts, and justices may have to rule on its legality.

In Minnesota, Hussein made a call to action: "We'll do whatever it takes ... We're going to fight continuously in the court, fight in the streets and fight by reminding Americans who believe this is the right policy, that they've benefited from immigrants."

Khalid Mohamed, a student at Hamline University, said he was "sad and disappointed."

"In 2017, it breaks my heart to see my community, my faith and my religion being targeted because of who we are," he said. "Lets make it clear. This is a Muslim ban."

Asma Mohammed, with‎Reviving the Islamic Sisterhood for Empowerment, said the new court ruling is "terrifying for all of us."

"This ban will refuse entry to people escaping war-torn countries. This ban will refuse entry to people who are escaping famine. And perhaps most disgusting of all, this ban will refuse entry to people trying to escape the slave trade in Libya," Mohammed said.

About 20 people stood behind Hussein, Mohammed and other speakers Tuesday evening holding signs of the Statue of Liberty. Among them were politicians, Muslim allies, and union representatives who said immigrants are the foundation of this country.

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