Minnesota TV audiences followed Inver Grove Heights 14-year-old Eva Igo on the reality competition show “World of Dance” this summer. Now they can catch her intense movement style, in person.

Igo finished second on the show, missing out on the $1 million top prize by one-10th of a point, but earned a live gig she didn’t even realize was a possibility. “World of Dance Live,” featuring competitors from the show, comes to the State Theatre in Minneapolis at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, midway through a 14-city tour.

While preparing for a performance Wednesday in Davenport, Iowa, the teenager — who says she prefers to express her emotions with dance, rather than words — answered a few questions, starting with one about the superstar whom Igo says she addresses as either “Jennifer” or “J-Lo.”


Q: Tell us something about “World of Dance” judge Jennifer Lopez that would surprise us.

A: She’s down-to-earth, very real. I don’t know if that would surprise people. You can tell that from on TV.


Q: What numbers will you be performing at the State?

A: “Alive,” “Ready or Not” and (Ember Island’s cover of the Radiohead song) “Creep.” Those are the solos from the show and I’ll be doing — let me count a sec — three group dances, collaborations with lots of acts from the show.


Q: Knowing that you’re going to rehearse hundreds of times to the songs you choose, how do you pick them?

A: It’s really hard. I look for songs on Spotify and I’ll narrow them down — I listen to them over and over and, if I still like it, that’s how I know I want to dance to it. It’s a big process. When I dance, I have to come up with a story for it.


Q: So, what’s the story for “Creep,” for instance?

A: It’s about how kids have insecurities.


Q: Of the comments you’ve received about your dancing on the show and social media, what’s your favorite?

A: No one favorite, but I like when they talk about my passion for dance.


Q: As you know, the musical, “A Chorus Line” is about dancers and it contains the famous song, “What I Did for Love,” in which dancers talk about what they’d do if they couldn’t dance anymore. What would you do?

A: I’d be really sad. If I couldn’t dance? I don’t know what I’d do.


Tickets to “World of Dance Live” are $159-39 and can be ordered at 800-982-2787 or hennepintheatretrust.org.