The general manager of the Professional Referee Organization should be expecting a call from Adrian Heath first thing Monday morning.

The coach was none too pleased with the refereeing displayed in Minnesota United’s 3-1 loss against San Jose on Saturday. He pointed to one specific instance in the second half, when both United center back Francisco Calvo and San Jose center back Florian Jungwirth jumped up for a 50-50 header and smashed heads, but referee Victor Rivas, in his first MLS game as head ref, still called a foul.

“I’ll be speaking to Howard Webb,” Heath said. “I have not mentioned referees, and I didn’t want to do it all season, but I will be having a chat with him on Monday.

“When referees blow the whistle, and both sets of players don’t know which way it’s going, you have a problem.”

Calvo said he thought the referee was “embarrassing” and “totally terrible.”

“If you call all the fouls, you have to call all the fouls for both teams. I think he was calling more fouls for them and not for us,” Calvo said. “I’ve never seen that guy in my life in this league. I think we, I mean, we as a team, we need more respect. Because all the referees they come here, and they do whatever they want.”

The United fans, at least, seemed to agree. They booed probably the loudest they ever have at some of the calls as well as when the officials walked off the field after the game.

Salary data released

The MLS Players Association released its annual update of salaries earlier this week, and the big revelation there is that Darwin Quintero, the Loons’ first designated player, makes a total compensation of $1.65 million, which is the most on the team.

After him, the next highest-paid are forward Christian Ramirez at $641,250.04 and team captain Francisco Calvo $522,600. That’s a significant raise from last season for both, as Ramirez made $392,504.40 while Calvo made $330,843.63. Midfielder Ibson also earned a decent raise from $210,337.40 to $317,083.33.

Newcomers’ salaries are as follows: Alexi Gomez $339,450, Maximiano $314,166.71, Tyrone Mears $194,256, Mason Toye $177,999.92, Matt Lampson $107.500.08, Eric Miller $105,997.97, Harrison Heath $69,457.50, Bertrand Owundi Eko’o $67,500, Frantz Pangop $67,500, Carter Manley $54,500.04, Wyatt Omsberg $54,500.04.


Backup goalkeeper Matt Lampson was not on the bench, in favor of third choice Alex Kapp, because he tweaked an injury the morning of the game, Heath said.