Marcus, 16, is a sociable, chatty kid who makes friends everywhere he goes. He is all about mechanics and "fixing stuff." If anything breaks around the house, within a few hours Marcus will have made a solution. He's an active teenager who likes sports and outdoor activities, but he can be a perfectionist and get down on himself when he's imperfect. His frustration doesn't last long, however, and he's soon back to his chatty, happy self. He has expensive tastes, especially when it comes to shoes, and is very willing to work hard — he loves mowing the lawn — to get his allowance so he can buy what he wants.

Marcus would like a mom-dad family and would love to have siblings his age or older. When asked what else he wants to share with possible families, he says he has "never been grounded" and he has "never been on a vacation."

He currently lives in a rural area and would prefer to stay in one, if he can, because he "likes to be outside, and ride horses, and let dogs out without a leash." Marcus was raised Catholic and is currently in a Christian home. He enjoys having an active church community. Marcus would like to be a mechanic someday, because he loves cars, taking things apart and fixing them, and working with his hands.

Marcus is open to adoption, but after a few years in foster care he's pretty upfront in admitting he doesn't think that's likely.

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