Kamaria, 10, is a sweet girl whose favorite colors are red and black. She loves having her hair done and takes pride in her appearance. She enjoys going to the zoo, especially to see the polar bears, lions and tigers. Kamaria loves to eat vegetables, especially broccoli and carrots, and also likes fruit. She loves getting hugs and being praised for hard work on her goals. Kamaria hopes to be a teacher when she grows up, and if she could go anywhere in the world on vacation she would like to go to Africa!

Kamaria would do best in a home where there is a lot of structure, consistency, and she can receive a lot of adult attention. Families will need to be open to future sibling contact as well as accessing the therapeutic services Kamaria needs. She does well with older children but may be best in a home without younger children.

Please contact Yvette Giles, HOPE Adoption and Family Services, at 651-439-2446, or Lorenzo Davis at Minnesota Adoption Resource Network (MARN) at 612-746-5129. If you do not have a home study and are wondering how to start your adoption process, visit the MARN website at www.mnadopt.org/informationpacket.html.