Crystal, 15, is a friendly, passionate and warm teen who's always up for a good conversation. She has a great smile and likes to reflect on her memories with friends and family, but also enjoys talking to people and learning about other's experiences, too. Those who know Crystal well say that she is smart, friendly, affectionate and kind.

The more time you spend with Crystal, the clearer her passion for music and singing becomes. She enjoys all kinds of music. She sings in her school's choir, and in recent years has performed in multiple talent shows.

Crystal used to volunteer at a local animal shelter, and admits that she was partial to the kitties. She once got the opportunity to ride a horse, and would love to ride again. Crystal is eager to play on a girls' basketball team again and has been very active in her church's youth group and appreciates the sense of community it provides. Overall, Crystal says she just wants a family that "can love and accept" her as she is.

Crystal says she thinks she would do well in a mom-and-dad family or a single-mom family. She wants parents who can accept her for who she is and who have a nonjudgmental parenting style. Crystal does have two younger brothers and she would like to remain in contact with them. She is open to other children in an adoptive family, especially older siblings. Crystal is also open to living in a variety of different communities.

Crystal will do well with a family who can provide her with a lot of attention and affection, who likes to chat, who can provide her with opportunities for personal empowerment, and who has or is open to having pets — preferably a cat.

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