The deputy chairman of the Minnesota Republican Party, Chris Fields, sparked a Twitter feud before Tuesday's primary after he defended his comments using Robin Williams' death to plug the GOP-endorsed candidate for governor, Hennepin County Commissioner Jeff Johnson.

In a reply to a tweet sent Monday night by a DFL staff member who remembered Williams, Fields said: "How very 80s. Want an economy like we had in 80s under Reagan...Vote @Jeff4Gov tomorrow in the primary".

Fields then engaged in a Twitter feud with other users of the social media site who criticized him for stumping for votes. The GOP deputy chair defended his original remarks, criticized political correctness and said DFL policies "hurt real [people]."

Fields has since deleted most, but not all of the related tweets. Johnson, in a Twitter post, said the tweets "last night mixing Robin Williams' death [with] politics were inappropriate [and] wrong. America will dearly miss him."

In a statement released by the Minnesota GOP, Fields apologized for his tweets. "My comments were insensitive and inappropriate, and they clearly do not reflect the views of the Republican Party of Minnesota. I am sincerely sorry for my actions," he said.

Ricardo Lopez