The Twin Cities' self-proclaimed "vegan butcher shop" will debut a food truck this summer.

Siblings Aubry and Kale Walch (pictured below) opened Herbivorous Butcher in northeast Minneapolis in 2016 after gaining a following through appearances at local farmer's markets.

Now, they're hoping to continue to expand, purchasing a food truck back in the fall.

"As the popularity of our store continues to grow, we want to be able to make our food even more accessible to the Twin Cities," said John Stockman, one of Herbivorous' vegan butchers who will be heading the truck.

But first: a road trip.

"Basically, we will be doing two really big events on the West Coast in April and May," Stockman said, "and then [we'll] hit the streets [in the Twin Cities] when we are back in town."

What will they serve? Well, Stockman said no menu has been set, and they'll be working on it through May.

The brick-and-mortar location serves sandwiches, gyros, soups and a large variety of vegan "meats" such as sausages, pastrami and Korean BBQ ribs, plus vegan "cheeses." (Read more about their offerings here.)

The plan is for the truck to arrive back in the Twin Cities and debut locally around June.

"At least that is our goal for now," Stockman added. "We aren't naive enough to think everything will go exactly as planned yet!"

(Photos courtesy Herbivorous Butcher)