Minneapolis police officers assigned to the Third Precinct are now working out of a new downtown location, their second temporary base since the precinct burned in the rioting that followed George Floyd's death.

The Third Precinct, where the officers charged in Floyd's death worked, became a focal point both for peaceful protests and riots. Decisions about what to do with the building, where to house officers in the interim and whether to build a new Third Precinct have been delayed amid the larger debate over the role of police in the city.

Since their building was lost, Third Precinct officers had been working rent-free out of the Convention Center, but police spokesman John Elder said they recently moved to the City of Lakes Building near City Hall.

"We know the Convention Center is going to need to get back to regular operations, and they were very, very good to us while we were there," Elder said, "but the City of Lakes Building appears to be a better setup for officers, as well as for the community."

The city expects to pay between $400,000 and $500,000 to upgrade the building, primarily on efforts to increase security. City spokeswoman Sarah McKenzie said the building "will remain the temporary home for the Third Precinct while larger community discussions continue, and determinations are made around long-term solutions."

Last summer, the city had been negotiating a deal for a different, temporary location on Minnehaha Avenue, near the former Third Precinct building. That deal fell apart after protests, vandalism and criticism from some City Council members.

Liz Navratil • 612-673-4994