Hundreds of Minneapolis high school students walked out of class late Friday afternoon and marched downtown to protest the the Dakota Access Pipeline, as well as the election of Donald Trump.

About 300 students from Washburn, Southwest, Edison, South and Patrick Henry high schools, among others, walked out of their classrooms at 2 p.m., according to Minneapolis School District spokesman Dirk Tedmon.

They marched toward U.S. Bank Stadium, then dispersed into four groups and zigzagged their way into lobbies across downtown Minneapolis. One group walked through traffic during rush hour and stormed the U.S. Bank building on Nicollet Avenue. They also stood in front of the IDS building as security officers stood by with chains on the doors to make sure they couldn’t enter.

“We can’t just ignore this,” said Cherokee Senevisai, one of the students leading a group that went into several U.S. Bank lobbies. “It’s important that students get together. ... The youth are making changes.”

Lul Abdi, a sophomore at South High School, said she felt devastated by the election results and compelled to protest.

“I feel like we are making a difference,” Abdi said.

Their action marked a third day of passionate rallies and marches in the Twin Cities and nationwide over the victory and views of Trump.

In reaction, Trump tweeted Thursday night: “Just had a very open and successful presidential election. Now professional protesters, incited by the media, are protesting. Very unfair!”

In a news release from Young Peoples Action Coalition — the group that led the rally — students said they were protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline and marching in “solidarity of the indigenous resistance and the election of Trump.”