Minneapolis city employees have spent 1,369 hours working on Vikings stadium plans since January 2011, according to a report from the city's development office.

The draft document, which will be presented to a City Council committee later this month, says eight city employees have devoted those hours to developing stadium plans -- including Target Center and convention center components. The document accounts for hours worked until February 15, 2012.

The city's development chief, Chuck Lutz, said the stadium finance plan includes $200,000 to pay the city back for staff costs. That figure is about double the current cost of staff time, he said, since it accounts for costs until project completion.

If the stadium plan doesn't pass, the city will likely be left with the tab.

“It’s not atypical," said Lutz, who racked up 700 of the hours. "Sometimes we have development projects that we spent some staff time on that we don’t get reimbursed for because the project collapses."

The city's chief financial officer, Kevin Carpenter, has worked 300 hours on the project in the last 13 months. Jeff Johnson, who heads the city's convention center, has committed 200 hours.

The staff hours were requested by Council Member Lisa Goodman, who will review them at the next community development committee meeting on March 20.

Here is the full list:

Chuck Lutz, CPED -- 700 hours

Jeff Johnson, Convention Center -- 200 hours

Jon Wertjes, Public Works -- 38 hours

Sara Dietrich, Communications -- 30 hours

Gene Ranieri, IGR Office -- 20 hours

Kevin Carpenter, Finance Department -- 300 hours

Beth Elliott, Planning -- 1 hour

Andrew Lenz, Finance Department -- 80 hours