Minneapolis police detectives are investigating the fatal shooting of a man who died shortly after he was dropped off at a hospital.

The 37-year-old victim was dropped off at HCMC by a private vehicle about 11:26 p.m., department spokesman John Elder said.

Elder said police are working to determine where the shooting occurred, who was responsible and what the motive might have been.

No arrests had been announced as of late Thursday.

Elder said detectives working the case received information suggesting that the shooting may have occurred in the eastern end of the Webber-Camden neighborhood — in an area bounded by Dowling Avenue to the south, Fremont Avenue to the east and 42nd Avenue to the north — possibly outside of a building or inside a car. Investigators are focusing their attention on that area but haven't ruled out the possibility that the incident happened elsewhere, according to Elder.

"Last night, when I was notified of this, we didn't even know if this was our case," he said. "We checked with surrounding areas to see if they had any open shooting cases."

Elder said he didn't know how many times the man had been shot. If it's determined that the shooting occurred within city limits, it will be Minneapolis' 31st homicide of the year, according to crime statistics. The city had 42 slayings by this time last year.

Police said another gunshot victim was dropped off at HCMC Wednesday morning and later died of an apparent suicide.

Libor Jany