The top planning and economic development official in Minneapolis resigned Thursday — days before he expected to be fired for signing a separation agreement that allowed an employee to be paid after leaving the city.

David Frank, who led the city's Community Planning and Economic Development (CPED) department for nearly three years, said he felt resigning was in the best interests of the city.

"I think I came to believe and do believe that my resignation is the right thing," Frank said in an interview Thursday.

He said he thought his resignation would allow him to reflect on good work that was done and what's next for him, and also allow the city to determine its next steps.

The City Council had been scheduled to meet Monday to discuss firing Frank.

During a public meeting Tuesday, the city revealed that Frank had signed a separation agreement with an unidentified former employee to be paid after the person stopped working for the city.

The employee filed first for sick leave and then for regular time. Frank approved it. The issue was flagged by payroll and an investigation began.

Frank has said he thought he had the ability to approve such an agreement. The city has since said: "Absent City Council approval, a department head does not have authority to execute any agreements with employees separating from the City."

Andrea Brennan, the department's director of housing policy and development, was named interim CPED director.

Liz Navratil