A law called "molesting vegetation" in the Park and Recreation Board's code of ordinances details the rules for foraging in Minneapolis parks.

The ordinance used to say simply that anyone who didn't work for the Park Board could not cut or pick flowers or "cut, break or in any way injure or deface any tree, shrub, fungus or plant within the limits of any park or parkway." It also said it was against the rules to take any of these materials or any soil out of a park.

At a board meeting Nov. 29, the ordinance was officially changed, Park Board spokeswoman Robin Smothers explained. It now includes several added lines saying that the general public can harvest approved species of "fruit or nuts for personal (noncommercial) use."

It was also modified to add that people who are authorized to tend and pick from designated community gardens and orchards inside city parks can do so.

Erica Pearson