A wealthy Minneapolis lawyer is bringing in the big guns to help find Ms. Right.

The anonymous bachelor has hired Janis Spindel, an upscale New York matchmaker. She'll be in the Twin Cities Oct. 9-11 looking for his future wife.

"I will be tearing the town apart, covering every nook and cranny, until I find her," Spindel said. "I hear there are gorgeous, earthy, girl-next-door types of women in Minneapolis. That's who he's looking for."

A professional matchmaker for nearly 20 years, Spindel has set up thousands of couples, 994 of whom she says went on to get married.

For $100,000 to $500,000, Spindel screens both her clients and their potential mates. She takes clients on simulated dates to identify their dating behaviors and whom they might be compatible with. She visits their homes to observe how they live and who can live with them. Then she wages a matchmaking campaign to find "the one."

When she and her staff arrive in the Twin Cities, they'll comb the town looking for potential candidates at high-end spas, gyms and boutiques.

"We'll be out scouting and doing whatever it takes to put the word out," Spindel said. "Without a ... doubt, if she's there, I will find her."

What do we know about this mystery man?

"He's a JFK Jr. look-alike," Spindel said.

On paper, Mr. Minneapolis certainly looks good. Spindel wouldn't spill the beans on everything, but we prodded for more:

• 34.

• Attorney.

• Italian Catholic.

• Undisclosed income.

• 6 feet 2.

• Athletic build.

• Black hair.

• One of eight children; parents are married; loves his nieces and nephews, and his "squishy face" dog.

• Never married; engaged once.

• Wants children.

• Lives in a suburb.

• Ideal mate: tall, girl-next-door type, late 20s to early 30s, athletic, intellectually stimulating, naturally pretty.

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