Elijah Malcomb (front, left) screwed up in "Hamilton" last week, and his castmates made sure everyone knew about it. (Joan Marcus)

With the benefit of hindsight, most of us would probably say Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton made a big mistake the minute they stepped onto that dueling field in 1804, an event that consigned one of them to infamy and the other to his grave. The consequences are not quite as dire for performers in the blockbuster musical, “Hamilton,” which re-enacts that moment, but the actors occasionally do shoot themselves in the foot.

And, thanks to the Twitter hashtag #burrscorner, the rest of us can find out about their mistakes.

The hashtag is credited to actor Brandon Victor Dixon, well-known for playing Judas in the TV production of “Jesus Christ Superstar” early this year. Before that, he was the second actor to play Burr on stage and the first Burr to admit that, on occasion, he said his lines, uhhh ... Aaroneously. He began posting his mishaps, often with short videos, with the #burrscorner hashtag and other performers in the five companies of the show have followed suit.

Early this month, one of the #burrscorner videos came from backstage at the Orpheum Theatre in Minneapolis. Generally, the performers post their own bloopers but this one features the actor who plays Burr, Nik Walker, telling on Elijah Malcomb -- the actor who plays Alexander Hamilton’s son, Philip -- who apparently whiffed on the words to “Schuyler Defeated.”

Malcomb and Shoba Narayan — who plays Philip’s mother and Alexander’s wife, Eliza — can also be seen in the Sept. 5 video while the show itself can be heard, continuing in the background.

Others in the local cast have posted #burrscorner entries – including Hamilton himself, Joseph Morales, who issued a non-denial denial after an August screw-up in Cleveland, the tour stop before Minneapolis – but Walker’s is the first #burrscorner entry from Minneapolis.