For decades, the town ball tradition in Milroy, Minn., was as deep-rooted a local summer treasure as any in similar locales across Minnesota. The descendants of Mary and John Dolan supplied much of the energy — and the players — that sustained that tradition for years. The Dolans were a constant presence on the field and in the dugout for the proud Milroy Yankees. But after a rare bad season in 2003 led to hard feelings and an even harder conversation between relatives, nearly 60 years of town ball in Milroy changed. An emotional schism among the Dolans led to a split of town ball loyalties. A new team, the Irish, was formed and built its own ballpark in the countryside outside of town. Now there are two teams in Milroy and, even though they are bound by common roots, they haven't been able to get together on the field again. Story, C6-7