Miley at some PR event, promoting something. AP photo.

Miley at some PR event, promoting something. AP photo.

You may wish to wash, gargle, exfoliate, and otherwise perform any ritual cleansing your culture requires. Reuters reports the following:

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton on Tuesday sought to defuse a media furor he created by posting a picture on his Twitter account that seemed to suggest teen pop star Miley Cyrus had been photographed without wearing underwear. ‘


The snapshot showed the "Hannah Montana" Disney idol, 17, climbing out of a car while wearing a short, white dress. The space between her legs was pixilated and carried a "warning" notice in Hilton's Twitter posting, which has some 2 million followers.

He later said:

Hilton said he had posted the photo to highlight the "very unladylike fashion" in which Cyrus was getting out of the car.

So the king of all car-exit postures is sitting there sifting through stacks of pictures, judging what's ladylike and what's not. Look, Miley may be a pop star, and she may be in the middle of a predictable attempt to “shed” her “Disney” image, but she’s 17, and . . . well, she’s 17. Minors may volunteer for early adulthood status, but it’s not incumbent upon adults to play along.


Adults. Ah, but we were talking about Perez Hilton, weren’t we.

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