Asked whether he likes Vikings players publicly apologizing to one another, Mike Zimmer said he saw that Kirk Cousins' had apologized to Adam Thielen, but that he didn't read about it and wasn't exactly sure what was said.

"I'm not a fan of it, no," Zimmer said Wednesday.

But Zimmer has more pressing matters for the Vikings (2-2) after dropping the first two NFC North games on the road this season.

"He was probably just being nice. I mean, seriously, I'm not worried about it," Zimmer said. "Maybe he should get off the podcast."

Tom Baker for Star Tribune
Video (03:29) Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer doesn't think quarterback Kirk Cousins lacks confidence and says he's not worried about the relationship between Cousins and wide receiver Adam Thielen.

The conversation came up after Cousins apologized to Thielen on his weekly "Under Center" radio show and podcast, saying: "I really want to apologize to [Thielen,] because there were too many opportunities where we could have hit him on Sunday."

"I talk to the media. I always say until I watch the film, it's hard for me to really give you a straight answer. Well, now it's Tuesday night. I've watched the film. And the reality is there were opportunities for him."

Thielen had his quietest game in years during Sunday's 16-6 loss in Chicago, during which he had two catches for six yards. He's caught 13 passes for 179 yards and two touchdowns in four games, a year after tying the NFL record with eight straight 100-yard games to open a season.

Regarding Cousins' play, Zimmer said Monday "there's times you just have to pull the trigger."

After the loss in Chicago, Thielen said "you have to be able to hit the deep balls" when Dalvin Cook isn't churning out first downs.

"It was a very broad sense," Thielen said Monday. "Any team is going to tell you that you can't be one-dimensional. That's not a shot at anyone. That's not taking shots on coaches, players, nobody. That's just being real and saying you can't just be a run team. You can't just be a pass team. You have to do both well."