Unless you're an ardent gun enthusiast, you may not have even known that new, common-sense gun restrictions into effect in Minnesota on Aug. 1.

Lost in the whirlwind of the last legislative session, Gov. Tim Walz signed new laws that require background checks for firearm transfers and purchases, create new rules about owning a machine gun and establish a "red flag law" designed to protect people at risk of harming themselves and others with a firearm, according to an article published late last month by Rochelle Olson and Briana Bierschbach of the Star Tribune.

So why hasn't the Earth spun off its axis? Why haven't the four horsemen galloped down Nicollet Mall? Based on what the gun control opponents are always telling us, you'd think that at the very least, a plague of locusts would have struck the North Star State.

Or, maybe common-sense gun restrictions aren't the worst disaster to hit Minnesota since the Herschel Walker trade.

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Please, sir, may we have some more?

John Oliver nails it when it comes to gun control: