Assuming the rich folks don't find a way to screw things up at the last minute -- messing it up is possible, we suppose, but just doesn't seem likely this far along in the game -- there will be a flurry of NFL activity very soon.

The extended lockout has taken the focus off the field for so long. Combine that with elements of the new CBA that directly impact the Vikings roster (free agency service time, etc.) and it has been very hard to really think about what kind of squad the Vikings will put on the field in 2011.

We know Adrian Peterson will still get the ball a lot. But there will be a new QB, a new head coach and presumably an entirely different style.

Our questions, then:

What is the ceiling for the Vikings in 2011, and what is the floor? That is to say, if a lot of unknowns fall into place, what is your most optimistic view of the team? And conversely, if everything you are worried about comes true, how bad could this team be? The reality, we suppose, is likely to be somewhere in the middle of that.

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