Here is a video (below) of Jimmy Rollins, who today in Philadelphia is hoping to hit a baseball nearly 600 feet -- with the help of a special baseball bat modified by SCIENCE. Per a press release for Red Bull Ball Park Cranks (not to be confused with the prank phone call show "Crank Yankers"):

Rollins will also attempt to break the current Guinness World Record for ‘Longest Batted Ball,’ which currently stands at 576 feet. The record is for the greatest distance one individual can hit a batted baseball in a legal manner with no restriction on equipment. ... Forming a partnership with two esteemed university sports science and physics professors and using state-of-the-art equipment, Rollins will be able to reach his full power-hitting potential. Testing the weight of the ball, the speed of the bat, measuring air resistance and bat manipulation are just some of the factors that will be put into play for this aerodynamic feat.

The question: Even with the greatest bat in the world, how far could you hit a baseball? We'll give ourselves MAYBE 300 feet, given that the sum total of all our American Legion baseball hits, laid end-to-end and performed with legal bats, might have traveled a total of 600 feet.



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