"Jesus Christ Superstar" (2011): "I was kind of a snob about Andrew Lloyd Webber, and I wound up doing three shows of his that I absolutely loved. 'Superstar' was my favorite. We lost money on that show, but the casting, design concept and execution — every idea we had for 'Superstar' — landed perfectly, and that rarely ever happens."

"Cats" (2003): As an English major, I had forgotten that it was based on these clever T.S. Eliot poems. The great thing about doing a Lloyd Webber show is that you can do almost anything with it. So, instead of playing it in a junkyard [as they did on Broadway and the West End], we put it in an abandoned theater district in London."

"Fiddler on the Roof" (multiple times): "I could do 'Fiddler' for the rest of my life. It's a great story with an amazing sweep and some great characters. Plus, I got to be in it for two weeks with my wife."

"Xanadu" (2012): "Don't laugh, because it's the worst show we ever did in terms of box office. But I have a soft spot for this one. We had the audience onstage sitting in the gallery. It was zany, campy and fun."

"The Producers" (2008): "That show was a blast, but man, did it do poorly at the box office. Aye yi yi."