The Twin Cities are Minnesota’s economic engine, and much of the state tax revenue they generate flows outward. According to a June 2014 report by the House Research Department, the seven metro counties together contributed 63.8 percent of revenue generated by major types of state taxes in 2010 – considerably more than the other 80 counties combined. When it comes to receiving major types of state aid, many western rural counties get more money per capita than the more urban counties. Just 52.8 percent of major state aid spending went to the seven metro counties in 2010.

Major state taxes include property tax levy, income tax, sales tax, motor vehicle sales and registration taxes, motor fuels tax and corporate franchise tax. Some tax figures are estimates based on statewide totals. Major state aid includes local government aid, county programs, human services, educational, highway, community corrections and disparity reduction. All tax and aid data below is from 2010, the most recent year available. Read Patrick Condon's related story.