mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions involving Minnesota companies that were announced in the past week.

Target Acquirer

Date location location Description

2/1 3One Media Corp. US Internet Corp. US Internet acquires an internet service Honolulu Minneapolis provider in Hawaii 2/2 Personal lines business Tower Group Inc. Minnetonka-based OneBeacon will sell two New York City. insurance companies that contain personal lines businesses in New York and New Jersey 2/3 Modern Digital Communication US Internet Corp. US Internet acquires the assets of Modern Minneapolis Digital Communication Inc., a provider of Internet and telephony services 2/3 Powersports Business Polaris Industries Inc. Polaris acquires a Swiss designer of high- Burgdorf, Switzerland Medina performance, high-efficiency engines 2/4 Best Brands Corp. CSM CSM acuires the premium bakery Best Brands, Minnetonka Amsterdam maker of frozen baked cakes and muffins