Target Acquirer

Date Location Location Description

3/6 POMCO Group UnitedHealth UnitedHealth Group will acquire POMCO, an insurance

Syracuse, N.Y. Group Inc. administrator, to expand its reach in central and upstate

Minnetonka New York.

3/8 HealthEast Care System Fairview Health Fairview Health Services will merge with HealthEast Care

St. Paul Services Inc. System to form the largest network of hospitals and clinics

Minneapolis in the Twin Cities.

3/8 Southeastern Security SportsEngine Inc. SportsEngine, a division of NBC Sports Group, has acquired

Consultants Inc. Minneapolis background screening service providers Southeastern Marietta, Ga. Security Consultants and National Center for Safety

National Center for Initiatives to strengthen its position as a provider of secure

Safety Initiatives LLC background screening for youth sports organizations, parks

Chagrin Falls, Ohio and recreation agencies and national sports governing bodies.

3/8 Hodell-Natco Industries Inc.- Lindstrom LLC Lindstrom has acquired the fastener packaging business

Packaged Fastener Business Blaine of Hodell-Natco Industries.