MADISON, Wis. — Mercedes-Benz USA LLC has paid out another $260,000 in a long-running lemon law case.

Attorney Vince Megna sued the company in 2005 on behalf of a Waukesha businessman who purchased a defective sedan. The state Supreme Court last year upheld a $482,000 judgment against the company. Megna argued the company owed interest that had accrued during the case's court journey and Mercedes-Benz paid $618,000.

On Tuesday a Waukesha County judge ordered the company to pay attorney fees and costs totaling $259,536. The company cut a check dated the same day.

Wisconsin's lemon law allows consumers who win civil lawsuits to be awarded twice the amount of monetary losses, along with costs and attorney fees. Republican legislators have introduced a bill that would cap damages at actual loss.