Valencia is one of the trending baby names of 2015. It’s also an Instragram filter — and that is not a coincidence.

After running out of original ideas, millennial parents have started naming their babies after filters on the photo sharing app.

Ah, look at little Hefe! It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

According to BabyCenter, names of Instagram filters were popular this year, with Lux being the top choice from among the filter names (up 75 percent since 2014). Ludwig was the second choice, up 42 percent, while Amaro was 26 percent more popular.

Naming your kid after an Instagram filter might sound extreme, but we really shouldn’t be too surprised. Instagram has been a big deal since it was launched in 2010 and pop culture has always been a big influencer of baby names. Remember when we saw Elsa climb in popularity after “Frozen” hit the big screen?

If these hipster parents want to get really original, however, they should name their kids after the actual film that Instagram got its filters from: Tri-X, Velvia, Ektar, Kodachrome?

Whatever you do, don’t look to other apps on your phone for name inspiration. The Snap Chat filter “Rainbow Vomit” isn’t nearly as charming as “Willow.”