Jerry Kill's press conference on Tuesday dealt mostly with his new contract, but he did take a few minutes to discuss last Saturday's loss to Nebraska, and the upcoming game with Iowa.
     He made it a point to compliment tight end Collin McGarry, a senior from Stillwater. McGarry caught one pass for six yards on Saturday, but that's not what impressed his coach.
     "I watched Ohio State and Wisconsin block the defensive end from Nebraska, and I would tell you, Collin McGarry did just as good a job as they did, if not better," Kill said. "He is really playing good football."
     McGarry has seven catches for 43 yards this season, which doesn't sound like much until you realize he had two career catches before this year. It's also only two fewer than fellow tight end Eric Lair, who was one of the Gophers' leading receivers a year ago.
      "If I said somebody that's playing the most consistent football on our offensive team, that's Collin McGarry," Kill said. "Never says a word, just goes and plays. He's done a heck of a job and I've been pleased with him."