There are three forms of hot takes in the world of sports talk on radio or television. There is the routine hot take, there is the piping hot take (worthy of a "whoa'') and there is the scalding hot take (worthy of Skip Bayless on the warmth meter).

On Monday, the information was passed along on our plucky drive-time show on the AM dial that Joe Mauer was not in the Twins lineup for the opener of a four-game series against Detroit.

I went straight, 100 percent scalding at that moment and said: "I think this is Mauer's last season. I don't know if it will be a straight retirement, or something to do with injury, but that's my theory."

To repeat: This was 100 percent speculation. Mauer is owed $46 million for two remaining seasons. I realize that the idea of Mauer just taking a walk is a preposterous thought. BUT, there's something wrong here. You can't go from great, to very good, and now to this, without a physical problem.