Monday's rain, along with three consecutive days of temperatures above freezing, has led to big puddles across the Twin Cities — notably the infamous "Lake Chipotle."

The massive puddle in the flood-prone parking lot of the fast-casual restaurant off Hennepin Avenue near W. 26th Street has gained a cult following — with a website touting itself as the "Tiniest Member of the City of Lakes" — and has been known to attract paddleboarders.

But the impromptu lake normally appears during the spring snowmelt. Not in January.

"People are having a hard time retrieving their burritos without getting knee deep in Lake Chipotle," according to a tweet from Wedge Live.

"Long Live Lake Chipotle," another tweet said.

Restaurant employee Anthony Mason shot a video of the inundated parking lot and posted it to social media. "It's going nuts," he said Wednesday morning.

But Mason noted that while a few cars have been damaged driving through the high water, customers have been able to get inside the eatery without much of a problem.

The attraction won't last long. A company was draining the parking lot Wednesday afternoon. And more permanent fixes are apparently on the way.

"We appreciate that tourists still flock to 'Lake Chipotle' despite the weather related challenges in this parking area," said Laurie Schalow, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer for the restaurant chain. "Infrastructure work to improve the site...will be complete in the coming months."