A Twin Cities area couple is getting a late-in-life dose of stardom.

Married almost 75 years, John and Evie Kasper’s mega-long-term-relationship is the subject of a video that’s inspiring viewers around the globe — to the tune of 40 million views.

Danni Munro interviewed her grandparents when they hit the 70 years together milestone. In her video, the couple share tips on how they’ve managed to stay together so long. Among them: Never carry a grudge, and always kiss goodnight.

Munro made the video to practice her editing skills; the assessment coordinator at MCTC is a hobbyist videographer. She posted it to YouTube, and has watched the number of views tick up over the years. An older video of the couple rapping “Baby Got Back” is another delight starring the now-95-year-olds.

Things accelerated a few weeks ago when a few of media outlets discovered the anniversary video. Then, BuzzFeed repurposed the video, and over the weekend, their post has been watched more than 40 million times on Facebook. Munro has been hearing from people all over the world.

It’s a nice change from most of the comments Munro sees online. “Their stuff never gets hater comments, ever,” she said. “It’s something everyone can relate to. Everyone wants to be adopted by my grandparents.”

Munro told the Kaspers they’re now famous everywhere from Canada to Germany. John especially loves the attention, she said, even if he and Evie don’t exactly know what it means to “go viral.”

“They just know it’s something we do on ‘our machines,’ which is our phones,” Munro said. “They know people are looking at them.”

Munro says her grandparents’ relationship has been a source of inspiration in her own relationship with her husband of 15 years. The best advice she’s gotten from them is to laugh.

“Part of what makes them so charming is they both have a great sense of humor,” she said. “That’s got to have a huge impact on the success of a marriage.”

Here's the original, longer video: