1. Patriots (8-0)

Halfway through a season, Bill Belichick's defense has scored as many touchdowns (four) as it has allowed.

2. Saints (7-1)

Naturally, Drew Brees throws for 373 yards and three TDs to nine different targets six weeks after thumb surgery.

3. 49ers (7-0)

It's time to stop asking whether the 49ers are legit. They are. And, oh yeah, sorry for jinxing Thursday's game at Arizona.

4. Packers (7-1)

No decent receivers for Aaron Rodgers? No problem. Just throw it to a running back seven times for 159 yards and two TDs.

5. Colts (5-2)

Even when he's bad, Adam Vinatieri is great.

6. Vikings (6-2)

If the Vikings beat the Chiefs, Kirk Cousins will be two games over .500 in his career for the first time.

7. Ravens (5-2)

Lamar Jackson's dual-threat skills actually could challenge Belichick's mighty defense at home in prime time.

8. Chiefs (5-3)

Down seven with 5:13 left and facing Aaron Rodgers with this defense. And Andy Reid punts on fourth-and-3? Hmmmm.

9. Eagles (4-4)

Brandon Graham might have been Week 8's MVP. He's got Bills QB Josh Allen's vote.

10. Seahawks (6-2)

Russell Wilson now 30-7 the week after a loss.

11. Bills (5-2)

Beatdown loss to the visiting Eagles stung for those of us who touted the Bills as top-five legit.

12. Texans (5-3)

Kicked in the face, Deshaun Watson still escapes and throws a key red-zone TD to beat Raiders.

13. Rams (5-3)

Why would the Rams put a 65-yard double-reverse flea-flicker touchdown pass in film while playing the hapless Bengals?

14. Cowboys (4-3)

Bye week followed by Giants week should be just what Jason Garrett needs right about now.

15. Panthers (4-3)

Kyle Allen throws first three picks while losing first game in six career starts. Blame 49ers sack machine Nick Bosa.

16. Lions (3-3-1)

Some wonder if the Lions are good, average or bad. Answer: D, all of the above.

17. Jaguars (4-4)

Gardner Minshew throws three TD passes for a 119.6 passer rating. But don't worry, Nick Foles. It came against the Jets.

18. Titans (4-4)

Ryan Tannehill's first half vs. the Bucs: Five completions, 46 yards. And, oh yeah, two touchdowns and a lead.

19. Raiders (3-4)

Remember way back to last season when Derek Carr could complete a deep ball?

20. Cardinals (3-4-1)

Kliff Kingsbury went for it on fourth-and-1 from his own 30 while trailing the Saints 10-6 midway through the third? Hmmm.

21. Chargers (3-5)

It takes only a single doink for the Chargers to beat a Bears kicker at Soldier Field.

22. Bears (3-4)

Sorry, Mr. Nagy. Take a 40-second knee to set up a 41-yard field goal for a guy who had missed from 33, you'll face questions.

23. Steelers (3-4)

The Steelers have had one losing record at home since 1970. That explains why it sounds so weird to hear boo birds in Pittsburgh.

24. Browns (2-5)

Somewhere underneath all that sloppiness is a talented team that won't make the playoffs, let alone the Super Bowl.

25. Jets (1-6)

Dallas … lost … to … these … guys?!

26. Buccaneers (2-5)

With four more turnovers Sunday, Jameis Winston now has 91 in 63 career games.

27. Broncos (2-6)

Defense was good enough to win. Joe Flacco, not so much.

28. Giants (2-6)

Danny Dimes not getting enough help from a beat-up roster.

29. Redskins (1-7)

Hard to believe there are two teams scoring fewer points than this outfit.

30. Falcons (1-7)

Philadelphia … lost … to … these … guys?!

31. Bengals (0-8)

"How do you like me now?" – signed, Marvin Lewis (131-122-3).

32. Dolphins (0-7)

Tankers came way too close to winning before snatching defeat from a 14-0 head start in Pittsburgh.