1. Patriots (4-0)

Brady posts a 45.9 passer rating but the wheels on the dynasty still go round and round.

2. Chiefs (4-0)

Patrick Mahomes is a winner with or without the stats.

3. 49ers (3-0)

Bye week makes this even more of an early sleeper team.

4. Saints (3-1)

Alvin Kamara, defense and four field goals all Saints need to take down Cowboys.

5. Cowboys (3-1)

Vaunted O-line disappears as Dak hit seven times and Ezekiel held to 1.9 yards per carry.

6. Bills (3-1)

Held Brady's offense to 224 yards and one offensive touchdown.

7. Buccaneers (2-2)

Raise your hand if you called a franchise-record 55 points against Wade Phillips' defense.

8. Lions (2-1-1)

Da Lions are legit. At least enough to be a factor in the NFC.

9. Bears (3-1)

Down six starters? Lose your QB on the sixth play? No problem.

10. Rams (3-1)

Raise your hand if you thought Wade's D would give up the third-most points in Rams history.

11. Seahawks (3-1)

Everyone outside Detroit feels a little better after playing the Cardinals.

12. Eagles (2-2)

Lose at home to the Lions. Win at Green Bay. Welcome to the NFC.

13. Packers (3-1)

Packers needed GPS to find that vaunted defense in Philly loss.

14. Browns (2-2)

Seventy-five percent of your secondary is out? No problem.

15. Vikings (2-2)

Four words come to mind. Throw … the … ball … Kirk!

16. Chargers (2-2)

Everyone feels better after a trip to South Beach.

17. Jaguars (2-2)

Leonard Fournette rushes for career-high 225 yards in Ground DeFilippo attack.

18. Titans (2-2)

Marcus Mariota puts up 144.5 passer rating in first half. Yeah, but he played the Falcons.

19. Ravens (2-2)

Gave up 165 yards and three touchdowns on 20 Nick Chubb runs.

20. Raiders (2-2)

Complete shock as Raiders play a complete game on the road.

21. Colts (2-2)

No T.Y. Hilton? Huge problem. As in five first-half drops.

22. Panthers (2-2)

Take your time coming back, Cam. We got this.

23. Texans (2-2)

After a one-week reprieve, Deshaun Watson went back to running for his life.

24. Giants (2-2)

Take your shoulder pads off, Eli. We got this.

25. Steelers (1-3)

Playoffs? No. Identifying the QB of the future? Seems like it.

26. Falcons (1-3)

Move aside! Dead Head Coaching Career Walking!

27. Cardinals (0-3-1)

Larry Fitzgerald Jr. now second in catches behind only Jerry Rice. Too bad the end will come during Murray's beginning.

28. Bengals (0-4)

Remember Marvin Lewis? He started 4-1 last year.

29. Broncos (0-4)

What the heck's going on, Vic? You're a defensive guy and you just gave up 190 yards rushing to a guy in one half.

30. Redskins (0-4)

Move aside! 'Nother Dead Head Coaching Career Walking!

31. Jets (0-3)

The Jets didn't lose. So they move up a spot.

32. Dolphins (0-4)

Josh Rosen played well enough in the first half that the Tankers might have to bench him.