1. Steelers (9-0)

From the medical marvel perspective, what Ben Roethlisberger is doing a year after his elbow surgery is on par with what Adrian Peterson did in 2012 after his ACL surgery.

2. Chiefs (8-1)

If he wants to settle the score with Jon Gruden's Raiders, Andy Reid needs to bring a better defense than he had in Week 5.

3. Saints (7-2)

Don't write them off just yet. Remember, they went 5-0 with Teddy Bridgewater last season.

4. Buccaneers (7-3)

Uh-oh. NFC jinx alert. With Drew Brees out for a while, some talking heads are starting to murmur about the Bucs being the best team in the conference.

5. Raiders (6-3)

Heads up, Patrick Mahomes. The Raiders doubled their season takeaway total with five against the Broncos.

6. Cardinals (6-3)

A month after beating a 5-0 Seattle team, the Cardinals have a chance of dropping the Seahawks to 1-4 in their past five games.

7. Rams (6-3)

Sorry, Russell Wilson fans. It was the Rams who cooked Russ to the tune of two picks and a 57.0 passer rating on Sunday.

8. Packers (7-2)

It takes a leap of faith to keep the Packers in the top 10 after they were outmuscled in an ugly win over Jacksonville.

9. Bills (7-3)

Sorry, Stefon's ego. DeAndre Hopkins is still the best.

10. Dolphins (6-3)

Brian Flores is gaining Coach of the Year momentum after surpassing last year's win total.

11. Ravens (6-3)

Want an anti-Mahomes stat? Lamar Jackson is 0-6 when trailing by double digits.

12. Colts (6-3)

The only team to lose to Jacksonville has the top-ranked defense and should beat the Packers. Yep. Makes perfect sense.

13. Seahawks (6-3)

Wilson, the Week 5 MVP lock, has seven interceptions in Seattle's 1-3 slide.

14. Browns (6-3)

Kevin Stefanski needs two more victories to post the best record by a first-year Browns coach since Bud Carson (9-6-1) in 1989. Next up: Home vs. Philly.

15. Patriots (4-5)

Well, well. Look who can still coach a bit.

16. Titans (6-3)

On behalf of Mike Vrabel's health, the NFL should do away with all special teams plays. All those in favor say "Aye."

17. Vikings (4-5)

Mike Zimmer:"Aye!"

18. Bears (5-5)

Looking at the glass half full, at least Bill Lazor somehow managed to make Matt Nagy's play-calling look better.

19. 49ers (4-6)

How does a decimated team spread the injury bug? By forcing its opponent to play Jameis Winston over Drew Brees.

20. Falcons (3-6)

Next up: Winston. In his past four games against Atlanta, the former Bucs starter went 1-3 with seven picks.

21. Lions (4-5)

Is it parity or pitiful that there are six NFC teams worse than Detroit?

22. Giants (3-7)

It's definitely pitiful that four of the NFC teams worse than Detroit are fighting for the NFC East title.

23. Eagles (3-5-1)

Before going 0-for-9 against the Giants, it had been 16 years since Philly had failed to convert a third down.

24. Bengals (2-6-1)

Welcome to Pittsburgh, Joe Burrow. The bruises are on the house.

25. Panthers (3-7)

What cures a five-game losing streak? A home game against the Lions.

26. Broncos (3-6)

Has Drew Lock set the record for most blah start to a career? In 12 games, the quarterback is 6-6 with 14 touchdowns, 13 interceptions and a 75.7 passer rating.

27. Chargers (2-7)

Miami made Justin Herbert finally look like the flustered rookie he is supposed to look like once in a while.

28. Texans (2-7)

Houston gives up a league-worst 167.4 yards rushing per game. Next up: The Patriots' No. 3-ranked rushing attack (161.1).

29. Jaguars (1-8)

Maybe the front office is guilty of tanking, but the guys left on the field sure aren't lacking effort.

30. Cowboys (2-7)

Mike Zimmer is cool with Andy Dalton returning Sunday. The only time they squared off, Dalton's Bengals lost to the Vikings 34-7 in 2017 while Andy posted a 27.3 passer rating, second-worst of his career.

31. Washington (2-7)

Hard to believe anybody could steal NFL Comeback Player of the Year away from Roethlisberger. But Alex Smith probably will.

32. Jets (0-9)

How desperate are the Jets? They claimed Pat Elflein off waivers.