1. Patriots (1-0)


2. Rams (1-0)

Escaped a ripe upset scenario on the opposite coast.

3. Chiefs (1-0)

Will Tyreek Hill injury eventually slow K.C. offense down a bit?

4. Saints (1-0)

How 'bout Brees vs. Brady in Super Bowl LIV, LV, LVI, LVII …

5. Vikings (1-0)

Played ideal complementary football in a rout.

6. Packers (1-0)

My, my. Look who now has a defense.

7. Titans (1-0)

Ya think they were tired of all the Cleveland talk?

8. Cowboys (1-0)

Dak wants to get paid.

9. 49ers (1-0)

Unlike the Browns, the 49ers began proving their potential.

10. Eagles (1-0)

Almost a disastrous start, trailing Washington by 17 at home.

11. Seahawks (1-0)

Ditto, beating the Bengals by 1at home.

12. Chargers (1-0)

Held off a Colts team determined to win without Luck.

13. Bills (1-0)

Down 16 in the second half at the Jets, they win 17-16.

14. Ravens (1-0)

'Tank" you very much, Miami.

15. Raiders (1-0)

Hey, Oakland, next time a trade looks too good to be true, pass.

16. Texans (0-1)

Played very well, but left Brees 37 seconds too many.

17. Panthers (0-1)

Determined effort falls short against the NFC-best Rams.

18. Bears (0-1)

The defense looks good. The offense, not so much.

19. Bengals (0-1)

Andy Dalton throws for 418 yards in near upset at Seattle.

20. Colts (0-1)

Came back from 15 down to force overtime at the Chargers.

21. Redskins (0-1)

Has the game passed Adrian by? Jay Gruden seems to think so.

22. Jets (0-1)

Bad home loss for a team that can't afford home losses.

23. Broncos (0-1)

Fangio's defense giveth on third downs and taketh no turnovers.

24. Jaguars (0-1)

Seems DeFilippo won't be a hot coordinator again this year.

25. Steelers (0-1)

Are the Steelers really as bad as the Patriots made them look?

26. Cardinals (0-0-1)

Murray Magic too good to lose, not good enough to win.

27. Lions (0-0-1)

They say you don't know how to feel after tying. Detroit does: Bad.

28. Browns (0-1)

Wake-up call or first-round knockout punch?

29. Giants (0-1)

Bad and boring.

30. Falcons (0-1)

Atlanta, you have three problems — offense, defense, special teams.

31. Buccaneers (0-1)

Two of Jameis' three picks went for six. Sounds right.

32. Dolphins (0-1)

You can't lose them all if you don't lose the first one.