Mark Craig’s Week 6 Power Rankings

1. Ravens (4-1)

The best defense in football has nine fumble recoveries and a takeaway in a league-high 18 straight games.

2. Chiefs (4-1)

Even Patrick Mahomes has a limit on the amount of horrendous defensive miscues he can overcome.

3. Packers (4-0)

One of the first actual planned bye weeks of the COVID-19 season should have Green Bay rested and ready for Tom Brady.

4. Seahawks (5-0)

Seattle is now 2-0 against the Vikings in games in which 27-yard field goals are missed and 24-yard field goals are not tried.

5. Titans (4-0)

New formula for a clean, crisp, dominating performance against an undefeated, red-hot opponent: Don’t play or practice for 16 days.

6. Bills (4-1)

Are we sure it wasn’t Buffalo who hadn’t played or practiced in 16 days?

7. Raiders (3-2)

The league’s best effort of 2020 stuns Kansas City with a gritty defense and Derek Carr touchdown passes of 72 and 59 yards.

8. Steelers (4-0)

Ohio native Ben Roethlisberger is 12-0 at home against the Browns. Next up: The 4-1 Browns.

9. Patriots (2-2)

The way New England’s luck is going, a young girl from Kansas will be dropping a house on Bill Belichick any day now.

10. Browns (4-1)

The last time the Browns were 4-1, people in 1994 were saying, “So, tell me more about this internet thingy.”

11. Saints (3-2)

Like Seattle, they are far from perfect. Like Seattle, their QB allows them to survive punches that would KO most teams.

12. Bears (4-1)

Are the Bears really the 12th-best team in football? Probably not. But they keep winning.

13. Buccaneers (3-2)

Judging by last week’s reaction, Tom Brady does NOT approve of teammates committing five penalties on one possession.

14. Rams (4-1)

L.A. looked really good against the Washington Not So Good Football Team.

15. Colts (3-2)

Bad Philip did nothing to help what had been a strong defense as it allowed the Browns to convert 10 of 17 third downs.

16. Panthers (3-2)

Former Vikings QB Teddy Bridgewater is 8-2 in his past 10 regular-season starts. Kirk Cousins is 4-6.

17. Cardinals (3-2)

Nothing spells R-E-L-A-X quite like J-E-T-S!

18. Dolphins (2-3)

Picking Sunday’s Upset Special was about three touchdowns easier than expected as the eight-point underdogs beat the 49ers by 26.

19. Cowboys (2-3)

The league got worse the moment Dak’s foot went sideways.

20. Vikings (1-4)

On a positive note, trailing Seattle by four wins through five games makes it less likely the Vikings will have to go back to Seattle again next year.

21. Eagles (1-3-1)

Philly D-coordinator Jim Schwartz tried everything but couldn’t catch Chase Claypool.

22. 49ers (2-3)

They’re trending toward becoming the third NFC champion in the past five years to miss the playoffs the following season.

23. Bengals (1-3-1)

Joe Burrow was sacked seven times in a 24-point loss to Baltimore. Welcome to the AFC North, kid.

24. Chargers (1-4)

He looks young enough to be playing on Friday nights, but Justin Herbert plays like a future star of Monday nights.

25. Washington (1-4)

He was sacked six times after starter Kyle Allen was KO’d. Welcome back to the Washington Not So Good Football Team, Alex Smith.

26. Lions (1-3)

Matt Patricia versus Doug Marrone this week. Someone could be getting voted off the island.

27. Broncos (1-3)

Broncos players weren’t happy that their game against the Patriots was first moved to Monday night and then postponed. Um, guys, it’s 2020. No one’s happy.

28. Texans (1-4)

Romeo Crennel, 73, became the oldest coach in NFL history to beat a really bad

Jaguars team.

29. Giants (0-5)

Relax, Joe Judge. The Giants usually fire their coach every other season.

30. Jaguars (1-4)

The Colts lost to these guys?

31. Falcons (0-5)

What are the odds Dan Quinn won’t be reminded of Super Bowl LI for the rest of his life? 28 to 3?

32. Jets (0-5)

Disgruntled running back Le’Veon Bell doesn’t want to talk to the New York media. Problem solved.