AFC power rankings

1. New England Patriots

Yes, here we go again. And again. And …

2. Kansas City Chiefs

If new D-coordinator Steve Spagnuolo can bring even a small boost to that side of the ball, look out, New England.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

Ben Roethlisberger and a top-10 defense will have some say in how long Brownsmania lasts once actual games start.

4. Cleveland Browns

Beware the preseason hype. It tends to fizzle. (See: Vikings, 2018).

5. Los Angeles Chargers

Are they deep enough to overcome a preseason packed with bad news?

6. Tennessee Titans

Love defense’s talent and design. A tad skeptical of Marcus Mariota and new O-coordinator Arthur Smith.

7. Houston Texans

They’re clearly swinging for the fences in 2019. Too bad one big piece — Jadeveon Clowney — got away.

8. New York Jets

New D-coordinator Gregg Williams was counting on Anthony Barr being the pass rusher he still needs in this defense.

9. Buffalo Bills

The O-line has been revamped, but can old friend Leslie Frazier generate enough of a pass rush on defense?

10. Baltimore Ravens

Last year’s No. 1 defense was pilfered. And quarterback Lamar Jackson is still too raw to win consistently.

11. Indianapolis Colts

We’ll find out soon if Jacoby Brissett can transition from the NFL’s best backup to Andrew Luck’s full-time replacement.

12. Denver Broncos

Vic Fangio’s first crack at being a head coach at 61 comes with too many cracks on offense.

13. Jacksonville Jaguars

John DeFilippo will be pressured to run the ball by an old-school boss. Hmm. Sounds familiar.

14. Cincinnati Bengals

Zac Taylor brings overdue change to Cincinnati’s coaching staff. But he lacks the talent for a quick turnaround.

15. Oakland Raiders

Antonio Brown on a dysfunctional team looking up at K.C. and the Chargers. What could possibly go wrong?

16. Miami Dolphins

Tanking for Tua? Hurling for Hurts? Whatever you call it, this, um, “rebuild” isn’t expected to start in earnest until 2020.