The key word here is “purportedly.”


A Spanish collector plans to auction what he says is a newly discovered 8-millimeter version of a film purportedly showing Marilyn Monroe having sex when she was an underage actress known as Norma Jean.

A Marilyn Monroe expert, however, disputes that. He says the film shows another woman who is considerably heavier and less feminine than the legendary film star.

Collector Mikel Barsa says he wants at least $500,000 for the sexually explicit 6 1/2-minute film. He says some 600,000 copies of a 16-millimeter version of the same film were sold more than a decade ago.

But memorabilia expert Scott Forner says people are simply making lots of money from an old stag film that doesn't show Monroe.

Half a million bucks? For something that sold 600K copies in the late nineties? New definition of “scarce,” I guess. Just for amusement purposes, let’s see how other sites tell the tale. Here’s the version. Imagine a TV news reporter with ADD:

A short stag film that actress Marilyn Monroe (find out her real name) reportedly made when she was still an unknown (see her filmography) is said to be up for auction in Buenos Aires. (Find out how much they reportedly are asking.) Monroe was 36 when she was found dead in her home (see where she lived) by her psychiatrist. (Find out the cause of her death.)

So many links, so little time. Or interest.

Finally, a version on, apparently run through a busted computer translation matrix. (I’d say “translation program,” but “matrix” sounds much cooler.) Ready? Pay attention. This gets rough at times.

One of only two known copies of the short course the Hollywood diva filmed before she shot to fame will go to auction on 7 August in Argentina, with a starting price of $ 500,000. The short, black and white and about six minutes long, was held by a Spanish collector who died recently . His heirs found in his extensive collection and contacted Barsa, who had already sold the only copy of this film, which until now had seen the light shot in 16 mm.

When he know that piece, in 1997, sparked a huge debate over its veracity, as many put into question the protagonist out Monroe. At the time the film was shot, Norma Jean, that was his real name was not yet 21, so it was a minor in your country.

He also referred to the FBI documents in which we investigated that short time, plus it was determined that the jewelry looks on film, in which appears the alleged Marilyn having sex with a man, also used in other films and photographs of the era.


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