The numbers are stunning: Mariah Carey has scored a record 18 No. 1 songs, won five Grammys — and performed zero concerts in the Twin Cities area. None. On Wednesday the 49-year-old songbird supreme finally will headline a show in Minneapolis. That will give us a chance to see how Carey, she of the gymnastic voice and five-octave range, compares with other stratospheric singers.

Christina Aguilera

Age: 38

No. 1 pop songs: 5

Grammys: 5

Signature song: "Fighter"

Concert grade: B-minus. It's been a long time since "The Voice" coach performed here, but in 2007 she manifested too much lung power, with her voice getting shrill and over-the-top.

Celine Dion

Age: 50

No. 1 pop songs: 4

Grammys: 5

Signature song: "My Heart Will Go On"

Concert grade: B. The Vegas queen brings plenty of pomp and Cirque du Soleil-ness and, of course, that athletic voice with its heart-thumping vibrato and glass-shattering force.

Ariana Grande

Age: 25

No. 1 pop songs: 2

Grammys: 1

Signature song: "Thank U, Next"

Concert grade: A-minus. Once dubbed a Mariah clone, she is learning to rein in the vocal histrionics and becoming a powerfully emotional singer as she builds a trove of top-notch, highly personal, self-penned songs.

Patti LaBelle

Age: 74

No. 1 pop songs: 2

Grammys: 2

Signature song: "Lady ­Marmalade"

Concert grade: A. With her expert command of dynamics, emotion and showmanship, this ageless diva delivers with an unparalleled combination of vivacious personality and vocal prowess.

Ann Wilson

Age: 68

No. 1 pop songs: 2

Grammys: 0

Signature song: "Alone"

Concert grade: B. Her group Heart started out as a female-fronted answer to Led Zeppelin, and she remains potent as a Robert Plant-inspired wailer.

Jennifer Hudson

Age: 37

No. 1 pop songs: 0

Grammys: 2

Signature song: "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going"

Concert grade: C-plus. This gospel-reared screamer raises the roof higher than Prince and Little Richard combined, but lacks first-rate original material.

Amy Lee

Age: 37

No. 1 pop songs: 0

Grammys: 2

Signature song: "Bring Me to Life"

Concert grade: B-plus. The Evanescence frontwoman brings rock drama and remarkable range — all while playing piano — no matter who's in her revolving cast of sidemen.

Lisa Fischer

Age: 60

No. 1 pop songs: 0

Grammys: 2

Signature song: "How Can I Ease the Pain"

Concert grade: A-plus. Arguably the finest female singer on Earth, she's a master at mixing genres — from jazz and soul to rock and classical — in the same song.

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