At our monthly bar trivia game Wednesday, one of the questions was, "Who has been the highest-paid female athlete in the world every year since 2005?"

Without much consideration, we put down Serena Williams. That was a mistake. With endorsements, the answer was Maria Sharapova.

But as competitive as Sharapova is, the guess is this isn't the title she wants over Williams, who Thursday at Wimbledon improved to 18-2 with a 17-match winning streak over her Russian rival, a run that also dates back to 2005. Shara­pova has won only three of 37 sets during the streak.


BIG ONE Christian Laettner, who says he got hooked on fishing for muskies while with the Wolves, tweeted a pic of a 49½-inch muskie he caught in Bemidji.

THORNy issue Pete Rose, during his Fox Sports conference call, said he was the one who got hurt in his collision at the 1970 All-Star Game, not Ray Fosse.